5K to 4th Grade: AwarenessElementary Academic and Career Planning (ACP)

What does ACP look like at our elementary schools?

Students in our elementary schools have a multitude of opportunities to experience the world of work through classroom instruction, field trips, guest speakers, and ACP geared life skills lessons. Each child is encouraged to explore their developing strengths and interests through our diverse curriculum.  Connections between strengths/interests and the world of work are developed early and explored through Life Skills classes each year. In addition to the information below, parents will receive information through newsletters and email related to ACP experiences at their school.

Questions about your child's ACP experiences? Contact your homeroom teacher or school counselor.

Below you will find the ACP experiences for students in 5K to 4th grade.

Click on each experience to learn more about what students will learn, who will be teaching it and how parents can support their learning at home.