Work Permits

Applications for student work permits are available in the Main Office at J.R. Gerritts Middle School. The following must be presented at the time of application:

  • The student's birth certificate, baptismal record, or passport. It must be the original, copies are not acceptable.
  • The student's social security card. It must be the original, copies are not acceptable.
  • Letter from the employer, on their letterhead, stating their intent to hire you, the hours to be worked and a brief description of the job you will be doing. The employer's address and phone number must be on the form.
  • Letter from parent/guardian providing permission for the student to work.
  • $10.00 fee (cash or check). This fee is reimbursed to the student by the employer. The issued work permit serves as the receipt of payment.

Ms. Florey is available to do work permits in the main office during the hours of 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday during normal school days. Please contact the main office by phone at 920-788-7905 if you are requesting a work permit application during the summer months.