Mathletes on the Junior League Add Up Excellence

Mathletes on the Junior League Add Up Excellence

The top 5th & 6th Grade Kimberly team: Marley P., Allison W., Nolan M., Kale T., Jack S. and Benjamin L.

More than 150 mathletes in 5th through 8th grade from Neenah, Appleton, Menasha, and Kimberly schools participated in the last of three competitions for top math honors.

The questions were hard and the food was delicious.The first round was the sprint round where students had to solve 30 math problems in 25 minutes without using a calculator. 

The second set of questions was even harder. Then after some pizza, groups of students solved more problems as a team. The top ten individual 7th and 8th graders made it to the lightning round. The lightning round had the audience on the edge of their seats cheering on their favorite contestant.

Nicholas Logan won the lightning round for the second year in a row! Sixth grader Allison Weiher took first for her grade at all three math meets this year!

Congratulations to all the mathletes for pursuing their potential in academics and co-curriculars!

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