Pupil/Special Education Services

Photo of Director of Pupil Services Tim FosshageThe pupil services disciplines of school counseling, school nursing and school psychology are essential to the success of children in the Kimberly Area School District. Professionals trained in these disciplines provide a bridge between learning and mental, physical, emotional, and social health factors that determine educational achievement and life success. These pupil services providers use a variety of strategies to help meet our children's needs that include providing direct service to students, staff members, families, and acting as liaisons between classroom teachers, families, community agencies, and neighborhoods.
Tim Fosshage
Director of Pupil Services
(920) 788-7900

Child Development Days

Parents of 3-year-olds within the Kimberly Area School District are invited to participate in Child Development Days. Learn more about this yearly event.

Homeless Educational Services

The Kimberly Area School District has resources to help families and students who find themselves in a situation where they may be homeless.  View the KASD Homeless Guidelines and Procedures.  Your child's school counselor can also inform you of potential resources and provide referral information. Read more about our resources for homeless students and youth.

Psychological Services

Staff members work with students and their families to assess problems and plan appropriate direction for young people experiencing severe academic or social difficulties. School psychologists work with school personnel, families, and community resources in providing assistance.

School Counseling

Our curriculum is based on the Wisconsin School Counseling and the American School Counseling Association Standards. Each elementary and intermediate school is served by a school counselor; the program is preventative in nature. The middle and high schools are also served by counselors who work with students, parents, and other support staff to serve the developmental needs of our students.

School Counseling web page

School Nursing

The school nurses serve families by collaborating with other school professionals, parents, and caregivers to meet the health, developmental, and educational needs of children.

Special Education

The KASD provides educational services for students ages three to twenty-one identified as having a need for special education. Individualized programs for children with disabilities are offered to meet their educational needs.

Special Education Policies and Procedures

Families and students can read our Special Education Policies and Procedures Handbook.

Wisconsin's Informational Guidebook on Dyslexia and Related Conditions

The informational dyslexia guidebook required by 2019 Wisconsin Act 86 is available online. The informational guidebook discusses screening, instruction and intervention, and resources that can support improved learning for school-aged individuals with characteristics of dyslexia. 

School Social Worker Services 

Within our district, the licensed school social worker (SSW) provides support to students and families experiencing social, emotional, and/or behavioral concerns that may be interfering with attendance and functioning at school. The school social worker facilitates communication among the school, home, county, and community providers in many areas such as mental health and AODA support and housing/low-income resources.