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Attention Families of Special Education Students
attending the Kimberly Area School District:

As an additional resource available to you as a family member of a
child who is receiving special education services in our district, we
would like to introduce our district’s special education Parent
Liaison, Deidre Lueneburg.

Deidre Lueneburg, District Family Engagement Liaison (WSPEI)
Phone: (920) 423-4195 ext. 4195

What is a Parent Liaison?

The district’s Family Engagement Liaison (or Parent Liaison) is a
position coordinated by the Wisconsin Statewide Parent-Educator
Initiative (WSPEI) grant.  The person in this role is responsible for
promoting positive, collaborative relationships between families and
schools in a confidential manner.  Each year, Deidre is required to
attend trainings and work under the direction of the KASD's Director
of Pupil Services to ensure she is up to date with all of the proper
resources to serve the families in her community in the most efficient
way possible.

Most importantly, Deidre is available to parents and family members
of students involved with special education as a neutral support
resource to help with questions about the Individual Education Plan
(IEP) process, finding school or community resources, and by listening
to concerns. Deidre’s role also includes working with the special
education department on strategies and activities to help encourage
family involvement, a sense of community, and figure out ways to best
meet the needs of our student population and their families. Deidre
has not only worked in special education as a speech-language
pathologist in schools at all levels, but she is also a parent of a
child currently receiving special education services.

Please feel free to utilize Deidre as a resource as you navigate
through this sometimes confusing and complicated journey with your
child. In order to stay connected, we invite you to do the following:

1. Keep this letter with her contact information or reach out for a
business card with Deidre’s information.  Consider this an open
invitation to contact her if you would ever need support for all the
questions that come along with life as a family with special needs. As
always, your exchange with Deidre will stay confidential at your

2. Fill out any surveys related to your student's education as they
come home; this is crucial to understanding what areas need
improvement or getting feedback on what we are doing well.  Your input
is important and valued!

Deidre is very excited to have the opportunity to serve the parents
and families of the KASD in this role and to help figure out ways to
make your child's educational experience the best it can be.

Tim Fosshage
Director of Pupil Services
Kimberly Area School District
(920) 788-7900

 If you would like more information about WSPEI, please visit