Welcome to the Kimberly Area School District!

Photo of Superintendent Bob MayfieldThe Kimberly Area School District is a progressive public school district committed to providing the best possible education available for our students.

The combined efforts of the board of education, community members, parents, teachers and students have created an environment of high scholastic achievement and character development. Stated simply, our mission of EXCELLENCE is embodied in our desire for continuous improvement; and our goal is to maximize the abilities of all of our students in a supportive environment.

The secret of our district's academic success is its on-going approach to curriculum and staff development. Additionally, our success is because of people, like you, who actively advocate for and are supportive of student achievement. Currently, the Kimberly Area School District is excited to be one of the highest achieving districts in the area and in the state.

Our district vision is based on the belief that adult learning promotes teacher effectiveness and ultimately adult learning fosters the learning of our students. Striving for excellence encourages both adult and student learning, however, learning without the development of personal character is not enough. Our four community values of kindness, honesty, respect and responsibility help lead the way in developing well rounded students and future citizens.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have about the school district or community.

Robert S. Mayfield, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools