Frequently Asked Questions

The Kimberly Area School District was one of the first districts in the state to have a four-year-old Kindergarten program. In 2015-16 we moved the location of our program to a full-service 4K Center! The program maintains high-quality programming with its main focus on building a strong foundation in literacy.

Where are we located?

The 4K Center for Literacy is located at 614 East Kimberly Avenue, Kimberly, WI.

What time?

  • Morning session runs from 8:45 am – 11:30 am
  • Afternoon session runs from 12:35 pm – 3:20 pm

How do I register my child for school?

What to bring to register?

If you are registering your child for 4K, 5K or First Grade may need to provide the ORIGINAL Birth Certificate.
Any special needs information

What are the transportation options?

For those students eligible for bussing, busses will pick up and drop off at neighborhood stops.

To find out if you are bus eligible, please contact Lamers Buslines at (920) 832-8800.

Parents are also welcome to provide transportation for their child.

Busing Information

Before the
8:45 start

Busses pick up eligible* students at neighborhood stops.

Busses bring students to the elementary schools where they transfer to a 4K center bus and are taken to the 4K center.

After the
11:30 end

Busses pick up students at the 4K center.

Busses drop of students at their neighborhood stops.

Before the
12:35 start

Busses pick up eligible* students at neighborhood stops.

Busses drop off at 4K Center

After the
3:20 end

Busses pick up at the 4K Center and go to elementary schools.

Busses drop off at neighborhood stops. (Students may be dropped at their home elementary school.)

Is child care available?

The Kimberly Area School District is pleased to announce the continued partnership with the YMCA as our 4K wrap around care and school aged provider.

Parents of 4K students will have the option of child care before school, between the morning and afternoon session, and/or after school. Learn more about YMCA Before/After Care.

We are excited to be working with our community and educators to create a fun place of learning where everyone wants to be!