Principal's Message

Photo of Principal Sean FitzgeraldWelcome to the Kimberly Area School District 4K Center for Literacy (CfL).  We are a small school, housing only Early Childhood and 4-year old kindergarten students, and as such we are very focused on our mission – to nurture students as participants in their own academic growth. 

The staff at the 4K CfL is a veteran corps of teachers, and support staff. Because the Kimberly Area School District has a strong record of success in many areas, we are proud to be the point of entry for the majority of our future Papermakers.  As part of the Kimberly Area School District, our staff members are continuously engaged in professional development to improve their practice and thus improve student learning.  The staff will work with individual Mini-Makers, to help develop a sense of being a learner in each child.  As literacy learners, we subscribe to the belief that our 4K students benefit greatly from the following understanding:

I can say what I think,

I can write what I say,

I can read what I write

This empowering philosophy is a significant factor in guiding instruction in our school.

Our teachers will always be the first point of contact for our parents, but if you are new to our school, or have additional questions, I invite you to reach out to me to learn more about or school community.  I can be reached by email.  It is my hope that our school newsletter will be a great source of information for you, but I invite you, to contact me at any time.

Sean Fitzgerald