Student Art Welcomes Visitors to District Administrative Office

Student artwork on display at District office.

Visitors to our Administrative office will notice beautiful artwork created by Kimberly High School students on display. In an effort to increase the visibility of our student’s pursuit of excellence in the arts, framed artwork and ceramics created by students are displayed throughout the building. 

Thank you to the following students for allowing us to showcase their talent:

  • Gracie Lehman
  • Molly Greeninger
  • Jared Tessen
  • Reed Pickett
  • Daisy Antuna
  • Paige Levinson
  • Dominic Cuomo
  • Olivia Dreger
  • Drew Neveu
  • Greta Scholl
  • Deacon Ante
  • Lilly Kassel
  • Lauren Leitner
  • Bryn Sikora
  • Dani Johnson
  • Janel Gilmore
  • Arabelle Green
  • Sadey Havel
  • Peyton Van Gruensven
  • James Gaffney

The District rotates the artwork to highlight different pieces created under the guidance of KHS art teachers Heather Schaefer, Miki Wise and Pete Greeninger. The art is borrowed from students for one school year and returned when the display is updated during the summer.