Trademark Usage Guidelines

All logos and mascots of the Kimberly Area School District are licensed trademarks. Use of the District’s trademarks are prohibited without written permission from the District. Use this application to request permission to use one of the trademarks.  If use of a trademark is approved, high quality image files will be provided.

Recipients of licensed trademarks from the District must follow these Trademark Usage Guidelines:

  • Recipients will have permission to use the trademarked files only in the manner described in the approved application. Any additional uses will require a separate application and permission prior to use.
  • Recipients do not have permission to share trademarked files with any other individual or organization.
  • Alteration of the trademark is prohibited, including but not limited to:
    • Changing the colors
    • Distorting the proportions
    • Cropping
    • Changing the font, ratio, size and/or placement of the logo or logo elements
    • Adding visual components or elements to the trademark (such as textures, shade/shadow, embossing, etc.)
  • Written permission will only be valid through the end of the fiscal year which it was granted (the District's fiscal year is July 1 - June 30).
  • Re-application is required annually.

The District reserves all rights to its licensed trademarks and can update these guidelines at any time.

For questions regarding trademarks and trademark usage contact Jill Peeters, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, at (920) 788-7900.