Fourth Graders at Westside Think It Is WONDER-ful to Spread Kindness

Fourth graders in Rena Christensen's class ask Jonathan Siebert questions.

Fourth graders in Rena Christensen's class speak with Jonathan Siebert through Skype.

Fourth graders in Rena Christensen’s class at Westside Elementary School have been working on spreading kindness this school year. Christensen and the class read R.J. Palacio’s novel “Wonder.” They were so moved by the story’s messages around kindness and overcoming challenges, that when they learned about Jonathan Siebert, a public speaker who was born with a similar medical condition to the main character in “Wonder,” the class jumped at the chance to Skype with him.

During “The Great Kindness Challenge” in February, students at Westside organized many activities focused on performing as many acts of kindness as possible. Each day of the week, they planned different activities to spread kindness, such as “smile and say something nice to 25 people today.” It’s no wonder, this book and speaker has a message that resonated with these fourth graders!
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