Join Us Wednesday, May 27th | Shine Your Light

Join Us Wednesday, May 27th | Shine Your Light

On May 27th, Kimberly High School will be lighting up portions of our buildings and grounds to honor our students’ contributions and achievements.  Additionally, it’s a way in which we hope to demonstrate solidarity as a school and community.  We have chosen the evening of the 27th, as this is the date of our Senior Awards Night.  It’s one more way we can symbolically acknowledge the contributions of this class.     

The following locations will be lit up from 8:20 PM (2020 Military Time) to 10:20 PM.

  • A special light display at KHS
  • KHS LMC and school hallways
  • Sunset Park Fields
  • Papermaker Stadium 
  • Papermaker Pitch (main soccer field)

We welcome families to drive to the designated locations. The following guidelines must be followed for us to be able to keep this event running and safe for everyone:

  • No gatherings of groups
  • Cars keep moving through the lot.  
  • We cannot have cars stopping and people getting out, as we will need to keep traffic flowing.  
  • Do not gather or drive into any barricaded spots of the lot.  Follow paths designated by cones.

We encourage our community to leave their lights on that night to help us recognize the contributions of our students, staff, and school district.