Supermileage Vehicle (SMV) team at Kimberly High School hits the track!

Kimberly High School Supermileage Vehicle

The Supermileage Vehicle (SMV) team at Kimberly High School (KHS) is hitting the track again. Following a hiatus due to the pandemic, students finally had a chance to run a vehicle started before the 2020 spring shutdown. SMV students design, engineer, and construct a single-person, fuel-efficient vehicle and then have the opportunity to compete with other high school teams.

This year's team attended the Road America and Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) events. At the Road America event, the team was able to get a 302 mpg average and finish 3rd in their engine class. At the FVTC event, the vehicle leaped to a 408 mpg average to finish 2nd in their engine class. They also had an outstanding performance in the braking contest and took home the 1st place trophy in that event. They were the best braking vehicle among all gas and electric vehicles.

The students finished the season ranked 4th among all smv cars. Season points consist of all events attended and all the competitions at these events; braking, slalom, mpg, and best design. That reflects a vehicle that is well designed, fabricated, and performs when it matters. The students were pleased with the results, and I was very proud of them for taking on this extra challenge outside of school to help get this project "rolling" again at KHS!

You can watch the team in action on their Facebook page at