Reality Store Offers Students a Glimpse Into the Future 2022

KHS Students

The Kimberly High School Business and Marketing Department, in partnership with Capital Credit Union, recently held the 15th Annual Reality Store. The one day event offered students an interactive opportunity to learn and apply basic skills in financial planning, goal setting, decision making, and career planning. A trip through the reality store vaguely mimics the classic board game “Life.” Upon entering the KHS gymnasium, students were assigned life details such as an occupation, annual salary, years of education, and debts. They also encountered some “fate scenarios” that increased or decreased their income, such as medical expenses or car repairs. The end goal was to visit every booth and still have remaining funds. Booths included businesses in which to use their money, such as a credit union, real estate business, utility services, car dealership, insurance agency, grocery store, daycare and more. Over 65 volunteers from area businesses and the community spent their time to help bring this financial literacy simulation to our students.