The Delicious Path to College Credits at KASD


The Nutrition and Trends class at Kimberly High School (KHS) recently stirred up some sweet excitement with their cookie invention contest! In this dynamic culinary experience, students had the opportunity to showcase their creativity and culinary skills.

What makes this experience even sweeter is the fact that it's a dual credit course, offering students a chance to earn college credit towards the Culinary Arts program at Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC). The credits and grades earned will apply to both high school and college graduation.

Divided into groups, each team embarked on the delightful challenge of inventing their very own cookie from scratch. Armed with knowledge about the science of baking and the functions of ingredients, these budding chefs got to work. Teams competed head-to-head, putting their unique cookie creations to the test. Teachers joined in as judges at the end of the class, assessing taste, presentation, and overall innovation.

The competition not only fosters creativity but also provides a glimpse into the fast-paced world of culinary arts. It's a perfect example of how KASD encourages hands-on learning and student engagement while maintaining a deliciously educational experience! Check out the full photo gallery showcasing the student's creations.