Student Access to Technology

Photos of students using ChromebooksOn July 14th, 2014 the Kimberly Area School District Board of Education formally approved a new three-year technology plan. Our vision in this plan is that the use of technology will become as seamless in learning as the use of paper and pencil. We all experience the impact of technology on a daily basis at work and in our homes. Technology will continue to grow and saturate all aspects of our lives. It is important that our children learn to take advantage of these tools in order to develop into self-directed learners that are effective, efficient and more likely to succeed in a career. To reach this state the school district will use a three-pronged approach to technology access.

Grade K-4

The district will provide access to the appropriate computing devices as needed in the instructional process.

Grades 5-8

The district will provide a computing device to all fifth, sixth and seventh grade students in 2014-2015. The eighth grade students will be added in the 2015-2016 school year. At the end of eighth grade students will have the opportunity to keep their device and use it at the high school or purchase their own device best suited to meet their needs. Once the Chromebook becomes the personal property of the student it will no longer be maintained by the district.

Grades 9-12

Students will be encouraged to BYOD (bring your own device). This will allow students the opportunity to bring the technology they are most comfortable using. The device must have wireless connectivity and a web browser. They will connect to the district's free and filtered wireless network.  The school will continue to provide limited access to computing devices on a check-out basis.

As we increase our students' access and use of technology we will also be training our staff to integrate the use of these tools throughout their lessons. The staff, like our students, will be expected to become fluent in the use of digital tools and to achieve our vision statement.

Staff and students will leverage technology in purposeful and meaningful ways to increase efficiency and improve our effectiveness as continuous, self-directed learners.