Alcohol, Drug & Vaping Awareness

There are several proactive student groups and activities that promote alcohol and drug-free activities. They plan activities that encourage students to socialize and celebrate important life events, like prom and graduation, in settings free from drugs or alcohol.


Concerns about Vaping, JUULs and other e-cigarettes

Photo of JUUL devicesThis is not a photo of USB flash drives. This device is a JUUL, the most popular type of e-cigarette, and it is causing concerns in our community. Not only are the devices designed to be discreet, the “juice” used in these products often contains nicotine yet it is marketed in fruity or appealing flavors. Here are a few resources on these e-cigarettes and tips on how to talk to your teen about them:


Alcohol & Drug Awareness Resources

Visit the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids website for more resources.


Support Alcohol & Drug Awareness


Parents Who Host Lose the Most

One of the biggest problems that students cite in using alcohol and drugs is parents hosting parties or condoning use in their homes.  This is where we need your help - to support the national campaign "Parents Who Host Lose the Most" in our community.

The campaign runs in the spring for Prom and Graduation celebrations. Show your support of this initiative by placing a "Parents Who Host Lose The Most" sign in your yard.

Signs are available at the:

 Please join us to help keep students safe in our community.