Mindsets & Behaviors

4k-4th grade Mindsets & Behaviors: 
Students engage in Life Skills classes geared to teach learning strategies, protective behaviors, problem solving skills, and much more. Additionally, small group and individual opportunities are given to allow children additional opportunities to learn and practice these skills.

5th-6th grade Mindsets & Behaviors: 
Students participate in three units of guidance classes throughout the year. These units focus on the academic, social-emotional and career development of each child. We use individual and
group activities to help students learn problem solving skills, improve self-awareness and increase personal responsibility.

7th-8th grade Mindsets & Behaviors: 
Classroom guidance lessons are carried out in Health classes throughout the year. These lessons include building different social-emotional skills and resiliency. Students also have the opportunity to sign up for school counseling groups throughout the school year in a variety of topics. Individual support could cover any topic but is specific to the child's needs.

9th-12th grade Mindsets & Behaviors: 
Students at the high school are given the opportunity to engage in a variety of offerings to continually develop their academic, social-emotional, and career skills. Additionally, individual and group opportunities are offered to allow students the ability to learn and ask questions.