Comprehensive School Counseling Program

The Kimberly Area School District comprehensive school counseling program provides all students with the opportunity to develop skills in three domains; Academic, Career and Social/Emotional, as outlined by the American School Counselors Association (ASCA).

Mindsets & Behaviors: We model our program around the Mindsets & Behaviors defined by ASCA. To learn more about the Mindsets & Behaviors at each educational level, please click on Mindsets & Behaviors to the left.

Student Support: We offer a number of student supports. Whether it be in a small groups or individually, we are here to help our students. To learn more about the different student services we offer, please click on the link to the left.

Career Planning: At each grade level our school counselors’ play an integral role in helping our students with their development in Career Planning, whether it is through class lessons, small group meetings or individual conferences. Click to the left to learn more about Career Planning.

Mental Health Resources: Sometimes students will need to utilize mental health services outside the school programming. In these cases, our school counselors are uniquely positioned to help students and their families get connected with mental health resources in our community. Please see our mental health resources links to learn more about accessing that support.