Much Like You - Educational Play at KHS Set for Jan. 20th

Much Like You - Educational Play at KHS Set for Jan. 20th

"Much Like You" - a play about disability awareness.

Kimberly High School is proud to present:

"Much Like You"

A play about disability awareness.

This play will be presented to the public on Saturday, January 20, at 6:00pm in the Kimberly High School auditorium. The cast is made up of actors with and without special needs. There will even be some special KHS graduates taking the stage in this show!

EBD, CD, OCD, LD…What do these letters mean to you?  For many people, these are labels given to kids to try to explain why they are different from others their age.  Young people with disabilities go to school, have friends, have successes, and frustrations, much like their peers without disabilities. Sometimes, the other kids don’t realize just how challenging a day at school can be or just how hurtful the reactions of others’ can be for a kid with disabilities…
"Much Like You" is a meaningful, educational play about young people with special needs and how they wish to be treated by their peers, as well as by everyone in their lives. This show helps teach all people to be empathetic to those who face the challenges of having special needs. It inspires us to see that we all have things about ourselves that we wish we could change and that no one is perfect.
People are people, to be respected and cared about, no matter what.  

There will be a a Very Special Opening Act (Singing, Dancing, and Puppets) prior to the play. There will also be a fun reception following the show.

Please join us for a “talk back” directly after the 1-hour long performance. A free will offering will be collected for Very Special Arts-Wisconsin.