“Best Piece of Me” Project at Westside Evolved into a Community Puzzle

Picture of wall where several "Best Pieces of Me" projects are hanging.

“Best Piece of Me” Student Project at Westside Elementary School has evolved into a community-wide Puzzle. It started with a project in Mrs. Reider’s fourth grade class where the students wrote about the best part of themselves from their point of view. The students decided what type of pictures to take, how to write about it, and then they put it together like a giant puzzle.

Some of the student's pieces had messages like:

  • "My ears... because I can listen to the sweet, sweet lullaby that mother sings to me."
  • "My voice... With my voice I can talk, act and sing."

Their project inspired many others to share their “Best Piece of Me” puzzle pieces from - students, families, staff, neighbors, administrators, crossing guards, and more. Anyone that is a part of the Westside community was invited to contribute a puzzle piece to share about themselves.

It is a positive and inspiring project that is bringing the pieces together at Westside!