Mathletes in the Fox Valley Junior Math Meet League Sum Up an Excellent Season

Collage of math league photos.

More than 130 mathletes in grades 5-8 from area school districts participated in the last math meet of the 2018-19 season. Our students faced tough competition and we are very proud that they represented Kimberly so well. While the best six scorers in each category win ribbons or certificates, all participating students should be commended for pursuing their potential in a challenging competition. 

Individual Winners

Grade 5

  • 3rd Place: Noah Kluender
  • 5th Place: Grant Bates and Jackson Matz

Grade 6: 

  • 1st Place: Sean Welsh
  • 2nd Place: Jax Luedke
  • 3rd Place: Henry Larson
  • 5th Place: Gwen Hughes
  • 6th Place: Hudson Lamers

Grade 7: 

  • 1st Place: Riley Matz
  • 2nd Place: Benji Jesse
  • 3rd Place: Aubrey Woodrow
  • 4th Place: Lance Doering
  • 5th Place: Alex Vander Loop
  • 6th Place: Owen Fries

Grade 8: 

  • 1st Place: Allison Weiher
  • 2nd Place: Nolan Marx
  • 3rd Place: Jack Statz
  • 4th Place: Gabriel Huss
  • 5th Place: Nina Tremble
  • 6th Place: Ben Logan

Team Winners

Grade 5/6: 

  • 1st Place:  Evan Kruse, Henry Larson, Jax Luedke, Colton Pozniak, Sean Welsh and Tyler Van Gompel
  • 2nd Place: Gwen Hughes, Hudson Lamers, Anna Leicht, Micah Mendoza, Tyler Schmidt and Wally Tews
  • 6th Place: Grant Bates, Isaac Dietzler, Ian Featherstone, Noah Kluender, Braxton Linzmeier and Jackson Matz

Grade 7/8: 

  • 1st Place: Julie Feyen, Marley Pozniak, Nina Tremble and Allison Weiher
  • 2nd Place: Gabriel Huss, Nolan Marx, Ben Schmidt, Jack Statz and  Kale Twombly
  • 3rd Place:  Lance Doering, Alexis Huss, Benji Jesse, Riley Matz, Sydney Schultz and Aubrey Woodrow
  • 4th Place: Jacob Behnke, Owen Fries, Carson Medden, Alex Vander Loop and Eli Wenig
  • 5th Place: Dominick Copeland, Nolan Henning, Matt Leder, Hagan Liesch, Ben Logan and Brody Van Eperen

Congratulations to all the junior league mathletes for pursuing your potential in academics and co-curriculars! A very special thank you goes to all the parents and teachers who volunteered their time to make this great event happen.