Human Growth & Development

District Philosophy

The Kimberly Area School District recognizes human growth and development as a lifelong educational process. The responsibility for this education belongs first and foremost to parents, church, and community. The district recognizes the obligation of the schools to support and supplement this aspect of education. Since students are in school for a large portion of their lives, it seems appropriate that the school offer to assist parents in these areas.

This human growth and development program has been planned with the active, constructive involvement of parents, teachers, students, community leaders, and administrators with approval by the School Board.

The Kimberly School District is committed to provide human growth and development instruction as part of a comprehensive education program. Human growth and development instruction refers to the process of growth in the intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social phases of individuals and their human relations.

Human growth and development should not be an isolated special facet of education. Sequential, well-planned units appropriate for developmental needs will be integrated through the 4K-12 curriculum. Our goal is to provide accurate information in a non-threatening environment which includes dialogue between parents, students, and teachers.  This accurate information will allow students and educators to use correct terminology when referring to human growth and development topics.

The Kimberly Area School District recognizes its responsibility to promote in our students positive self-concepts, healthy interpersonal relationships, and responsible decision making. This curriculum will help students examine their own attitudes and behavior in relation to the norms and values of parents, church, and community.

Introduction Letter for Parents

Human Growth & Development Objectives by Grade