All Students Learn about Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy

Two student essays and drawn portraits for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

"Our Dream for Our Country - we wish for there to be no more wars." "Our Dream for Our Country - my dream is to keep our country in peace."

In recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, students at each of our schools are learning about his life, the impact he made on the Civil Rights Movement, and his significance to American culture and history.

Some of the learning and reflection activities taking place are: reading about Dr. King’s life and work, listening to his speeches, viewing programs about his life and legacy, writing essays reflecting on the themes of his life’s work – such as freedom, justice and equality, and class discussions about his legacy, kindness and respect.

At Westside Elementary School, first grade students worked with their 4th grade buddies to create a "I have a dream" essay with a portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. View pictures of their essays on our Facebook page.