Student Services

“We are here to help you and your student succeed.”

J.R. Gerritts has a comprehensive school counseling program that supports our students by involving families, schools, and our community in helping children succeed. The Student Services Center is a busy place, and we like it that way! We provide a Comprehensive School Counseling Program which includes classroom guidance, small groups, and individual counseling. We also work together with teachers and parents to help students meet their goals. We take pride in getting to know all students, and our number one job is to help your sons and daughters think about who they are and how they can best fit in this world. It is only then, we see them learn with a purpose.

During the 2021-22 school year, Brad Demmin will handle most of the 7th grade classroom guidance lessons and small groups, and Andrea Diamond will handle the 8th grade classroom guidance lessons and small groups. However, both Brad and Andrea will see students individually in both grades.

Student Services

Brad Demmin

7th Grade Counselor

Andrea Diamond

8th Grade Counselor

Rebecca Stupka

School Psychologist

Sonya Wheat