A Message from our Principal

Welcome to JR Gerritts Middle School, home of the Gators! At JRG, we believe in nurturing each student to reach their fullest potential in academics, the arts, and co-curriculars. Our dedicated staff is committed to supporting each child's growth, helping them develop into independent problem solvers ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow. We aim to create an exciting learning environment that sparks curiosity and encourages students to think for themselves. Our teachers work hard to make lessons interesting and fun, inspiring students to explore new ideas and ask questions. Inclusivity is at the heart of our school community. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating a welcoming, respectful environment where all students feel valued and supported. Our inclusive approach ensures that every child, regardless of their background or learning needs, has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential. Beyond academics, we focus on fostering empathy, building character, and cultivating a strong sense of community. We believe these qualities are essential for success both in and out of the classroom. Open communication and collaboration are key to our success. I am dedicated to working closely with parents, staff, and the community to provide the best possible educational experience for our students. Parent feedback and active involvement are important to me. Please don't hesitate to share any questions, concerns, or ideas you may have. As principal, I'm proud of our school's commitment to excellence and our passion for education. Thank you for entrusting us with your child's education. Working together, we can help your child grow and succeed during these important middle school years.

Go Gators!

Emily Behnke
(920) 788-7905