Our contact information has changed or we are moving. Who do I contact about this?

Any changes to personal (home, cell, work phone numbers, email address, etc.) or emergency contact information needs to be communicated to the main office. Keeping this information current allows us to provide you with the most up to date school information, and is vital should we need to contact you during the day concerning your student.

If your family moves during the school year, you will need to complete a Change of Address form which can be found here.

Where do I drop my student off in the morning/pick them up at the end of the day?

You may drop off/pick up your student in the circle drive in front of the school or along John Street. Please be sure to pull as far forward as possible and form a single file line to ensure the safety of all pedestrians as many of our student ride bikes or walk to and from school. Be aware that these are very busy times of the day and it may be faster for your student to walk an extra block rather than wait for drop off directly in front of the school.

My child needs to leave during the school day for an appointment. What do I need to do?

Please write a note with all pertinent information and have your student bring it to the main office first thing in the morning. The office staff will provide a pass for your student to leave class at the appropriate time. It is then the student’s responsibility to be aware of the time and come to the office prepared to leave. For safety reasons, you must come into the main office and sign your student out. You will not need to come in when your student returns.

We are taking a family trip and our student will be missing school for an extended period of time. What do we need to do?

Please write a note containing the dates your student will be missing school and why they will be gone. Have your student bring this note to the main office and they will be provided with a “Pre-Arranged Absence Form” which they will need to bring to each of their teachers prior to leaving. This form ensures that everyone involved (teachers and office staff) know when your student will be absent, and your student will be aware of any work they will have to complete upon their return, as well as work that they can complete while they are gone.

I would like to take my child out for lunch. What is the procedure?

JRG does not have an open campus. You must sign your student out in the office during their lunch hour. A parent/guardian must come to the main office and sign their student out, and students may only be signed out by a parent / guardian (and not, for example, a friend’s parent). Lunch periods are 40 minutes in length. 7th grade lunch is 11:23-12:06, 8th grade lunch is 12:09-12:49. Lunch does not count against perfect attendance, however please be aware that if your student does not return once classes resume, it will be considered an excused absence and will count against perfect attendance.

What is the daily schedule?

JRG’s daily schedule can be found by clicking here.

My student would like to try out for a sport at JRG. What do we need?

All students wishing to participate in sports throughout the year need to have a current physical athletic form on file in the main office. The form will need to have the date of your student’s last physical and needs to be signed by a physician and parent or guardian. Physicals are good for 2 years. You can find the athletic form by clicking here. The main office will also need the have a signed Co-Curricular Code on file prior to participation as well. This form is provided during Picture and Paperwork days.

I would like a copy of my student’s report card.

You are able to view your student’s grades at any point during the school year by logging into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal account. Because of this, report cards will not be sent home during the year. Report cards are provided during our fall and spring Parent-Teacher Conferences. A complete report card will be sent home in June and will include grades for the entire year.

What does JRG do when a field trip or outdoor athletic event is threatened by bad weather?

Alternate plans will be communicated to parents and students both on our Facebook page and by the Infinite Campus messenger system should they become necessary. We will communicate the information as soon as a final decision has been made.

What does the 8th Grade Recognition Evening entail?

We spend an evening during the last week of school to celebrate each one of our JRG 8th grade students. This is coordinated by our 8th grade teaching staff.

The ceremony begins at 6:00 PM and generally lasts about an hour and a half.

Although it is not required, we strongly suggest that students dress up. This is a special evening for them!

All family members are encouraged to attend. The ceremony is held in the large gym and both sets of bleachers will be available for seating. Please let the office know if your family requires any special seating accommodations.

After the ceremony, there will be a small reception with punch and cake held in the small gym.