It is important that your child has a successful transition from JRG to Kimberly High School to set a path for success in their next steps. We want our students to be college, career and life-ready. The counselors help assist with this in a two part process: Group Conferences and Individual Conferences.

During the Group Conference, families (parents and students) come together to hear from the counselors regarding various Academic and Career Planning (ACP) topics. The topics include: Overview of ACP at JRG, Career Clusters, Post-Secondary Options, High School Transcript, KHS Graduation Requirements, KHS Course Offerings, and KHS Scheduling Timeline. Also at this meeting, you will receive further instructions about how to schedule an Individual Conference for your child.

Families have the opportunity to schedule an Individual 8th Grade Conference with one of the two counselors once they have attended the Group Conference. This meeting lasts approximately 30 minutes to discuss high school and post-secondary planning individualized for your child. This is a student-led, counselor assisted process which uses Career Cruising to help outline potential future options. This meeting will also provide the opportunity to discuss high school course considerations for your child’s freshman year.

8th Grade Individual Planning Conference Brochure

For any questions regarding Group or Individual Conferences, please contact the Student Services Secretary, Sonya Wheat ( for more information.